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Today Is:
Saturday the 24th of March


Does it feel like the week is going by just a bit too fast or too slow? does it just not quite feel like today?

How many people feel like its not the right day?

Once and a while I feel like its its not today, maybe its Tuesday but it just feels like another Monday, or its Thursday and it feels like Friday. Sometimes I bring it up in conversation and find that people agree. I though it might be really interesting to get some data about what day people think it feels like, see if maybe there something else behind it, some correlation or causation to those feelings so I created this site to try and collect and share that data. Initially I will keep results closed until enough data is collected to be able to make some relations. If you like, please check back daily and update what day you feel like it is.


Full results from the collected data will be displayed once there is enough to be interesting but in the meantime, here is a little.

14.6% of people feel like its Monday when its not.
19.5% of people feel like its Friday when its not.
1 people felt it was Monday on a Tuesday.

Overall - how the days stack up

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


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